World Changing Rapidly, More Nations Striving for Self-Sufficiency & Sovereignty, Putin Says

© SputnikRussian President Vladimir Putin at the with the leadership of the country's foreign ministry
Russian President Vladimir Putin at the with the leadership of the country's foreign ministry - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 14.06.2024
On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the leadership of the country's foreign ministry. Key issues of international relations, including the Ukrainian conflict, were on the agenda of the meeting.
The world is changing rapidly; more and more countries are striving for self-sufficiency and sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the with the leadership of the country's foreign ministry.

"The world is rapidly changing. It will no longer be the same. Neither in global politics, nor in the economy, nor in technological competition," he noted.

The outlines of the multipolar world order are currently forming on the basis of the new political and economic reality, the Russian leader said, adding that affirmation of the principles of multipolarity in international affairs allows for solving the most complex problems together.

"It reflects cultural and civilization diversity, which despite all attempts of artificial unification, is naturally inherent in humans," Putin added.

He said that profound changes inspire optimism, noting that Russia sees growing interest in the BRICS format and will promote the smooth inclusion of new members in the group.
"This image of the future is in line with the aspirations of the absolute majority of the world's countries. And we see this, among other things, in the growing interest in the work of such a universal association as BRICS," the head of state said.
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At the end of the 20th century, the world had a unique chance to build a reliable security system, as Putin underlined. Russia has constantly offered constructive security solutions to its foreign partners, but all attempts have found no response, the president emphasized.
"We invariably, both in the 90s and later, pointed out the erroneousness of the course chosen by the elites of the West. We did not just criticize and warn, but offered options, constructive solutions, and emphasized the importance of developing European and world security mechanisms that suit everyone, and I want to emphasize this, everyone," the leader highlighted.
Western powers, led by the US, thought that they had won the Cold War and could determine the world order, responding to Russia's questions with excuses, according to him.
Speaking about calls from the West to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, the head of state stressed that the world is close to the point of no return.

NATO & Europe

NATO diplomacy means blaming a country and then bringing all of its might upon this country, he noted, adding that no country in the world is safe from joining the list of victims of "Western diplomacy."
"The main principle of NATO-style diplomacy was manifested in all its glory. It is deeply flawed and fruitless in solving complex internecine conflicts. Namely, to accuse one of the parties, which for some reason they do not like very much, to accuse of all sins and to bring down on it all political, informational and military power, economic sanctions and restrictions," Putin said.
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The leader also highlighted that the main threat to Europe is not Russia, but dependence on the US. The Euro-Atlantic security system has collapsed and needs to be reconstructed, he added.
"At times it seems that the ruling European politicians and representatives of the European bureaucracy are afraid to be rejected by Washington more than to lose trust of their own people, their own citizens," the Russian leader said.
The leader said that the reports on Russia's alleged plans to attack Europe are speculations, "absolute nonsense," and an attempt to justify the ongoing arms race.
"The anti-Russian propaganda campaign, in which the high-ranked European officials are taking part, is accompanied by speculations that Russia allegedly plans to attack Europe. I have said that many times, and there is no need to numerously repeat it in this hall, we all understand that it is absolute nonsense, only a justification for an arms race," he elaborated.
Europe can remain one of the global development centers if it maintains good relations with Russia, Putin added.
As for the distrust in Western reserve currencies, the president highlighted that it is growing around the world. He also noted that the theft of Russian assets in the West would not go unpunished, adding that anyone can be next in line for the West to seize their state assets.
On May 23, the EU decision to allow revenues from frozen Russian sovereign assets to be used for military aid to Ukraine came into force. The Kremlin called the move "an expropriation."