There is No Talk of Nationalizing Assets of Western Companies, Russian MFA Says

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On May 23, the EU decision to allow revenues from frozen Russian sovereign assets to be used for military aid to Ukraine came into force. Earlier, the Kremlin called the move "an expropriation."
There is no talk of nationalizing the assets of Western companies in Russia, and Moscow's retaliatory measures do not change ownership, the Director of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Birichevsky, told Sputnik.
"This confirms that Russia is extremely responsible in dealing with foreign investment, including from unfriendly countries," he said.
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EU's Decision to Use Income From Russian Assets to Help Ukraine is Expropriation, Moscow Says
Russia, unlike Western countries, "does not politicize commercial issues as a matter of principle and consistency and is ready to provide all the necessary support for foreign companies [...], provided they comply with Russian legislation and fulfill their social obligations," the diplomat said.
On Tuesday, the Council of the EU said that it had officially approved the decision that will allow income from frozen Russian sovereign assets to be used to provide military assistance to Ukraine.
On Wednesday, the EU published a detailed decision on frozen Russian assets as part of the package of economic sanctions against Moscow, which is effective starting May 23.