Terms of Use

Full or partial use of content published at en.sputniknews.africa (the "Site"), including written, photographic as well as video materials owned by Sputnik (marked as ©Sputnik) requires appropriate credit and/or link to the website indexed by online search systems. The use of content also requires clear indication of the authorship of said material. Unauthorized attempts to change material from the Site are prohibited.
Sputnik reserves the right to modify these terms without any special notice at any time. A new version of the permission enters into force once it is published at https://en.sputniknews.africa/docs/terms_of_use.html
Content Usage Policy (the "Policy")
1. Terms and definitions
Media Group means the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency.
Resources means the following websites accessed online using the URLs provided below, including their mobile versions, as well as applications for electronic devices.

Media name

Resource’s domain name

Name for attribution purposes

RIA Novosti online media


RIA Novosti


RIA Novosti Sport


RIA Novosti Realty


RIA Novosti Crimea


Social Navigator


Radio Sputnik in Crimea

SPUTNIK Online media



InoSMI.RU Internet project Online media


InoSMI portal or InoSMI

TOK Online media


TOK portal or TOK

KOT Online media


KOT project or KOT

Ukraina.ru Online media


Ukraina.ru news and analytics website or Ukraina.ru

Baltnews News agency


Baltnews portal or Baltnews



RIA Rating rating agency or RIA Rating



Arctic.ru portal or the Arctic

Content means information, references, and data available on the resources, including but not limited to text, photo images, audiovisual works, music (with or without text), paintings, graphic works, designs, and audio materials.
Third Party Content means content and/or the rights to it which are owned by a third party.
Media Group Content means content and/or the rights to it which are owned by the Media Group, and designated on the Resources as follows: RIA Novosti, RIA Rating, Sputnik, Radio Sputnik, Radio Sputnik in Crimea, Ukraina.ru, TOK and KOT.
User means any person visiting a Resource and/or using the Content, including but not limited to news agencies, online and periodical print titles, other mass media outlets, individuals and legal entities.
Content Usage means any act of reproducing, distributing, broadcasting, transmitting by cable, importing, leasing, publicly performing, making public, translating or other kinds of processing or other ways of using the Content in whole or in part, regardless of whether these acts are undertaken for generating profits or not.
Commercial Use of the Content means using the Content for generating profits, including but not limited to selling it separately or as part of another product, providing paid access to the Content or a product containing it, as well as using it on websites and in applications for multimedia devices that offer paid-for advertising and/or other materials.
2. Users shall comply with this Policy or refrain from Content Usage. If any Users do not agree to this Policy, they must immediately cease using the Content and/or the relevant Resources.
3. Content Usage
3.1. In all matters related to using Third Party Content, the User shall contact the owner of such content directly.
3.2. Media Group Content can be used for personal, informational, research, educational and cultural purposes (free of charge) as prescribed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
3.2.1. To comply with the applicable laws enabling Users to use Media Group Content free of charge, the source shall be subject to the following attribution requirements:
When using in print: Use the resource name as provided for attribution purposes.
When using online: Use the resource name as provided for attribution purposes, as well as a searchable hyperlink to the Resource web page where the corresponding Media Group Content is placed. The hyperlink must be provided at the beginning of the User material.
When using the Content in radio and television programming and audiovisual works: Say the resource name as provided for attribution purposes.
3.3. Users may distribute headlines of Media Group Content with links to the full text of the corresponding Media Group Content item on the Resource using open RSS feeds available on the Resource.
3.4. Using Media Group Content as per Clause 3.1 of Article 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation shall be prohibited.
3.5. Any Commercial Use of Media Group Content shall be prohibited until the Media Group grants the corresponding rights.
To receive the rights to use Media Group Content:
fill in a feedback form at
https://rossiyasegodnya.com/photo/ for visual materials;
fill in a feedback form at
https://rossiyasegodnya.com/russian-news-feeds/ for news reports and newsfeeds;
send an email to office@ria.ru for all other types of Content.
4. Relations between the Media Group and the User in terms of Content Usage shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. Any and all disputes and disagreements in connection with Content Usage shall be referred to the Moscow Commercial Court or Moscow’s Khamovnichesky District Court as per the substantive and procedural laws of the Russian Federation.
5. The Media Group may unilaterally amend the Policy without notifying the User in any special way. The new version of the Policy shall enter into force once uploaded to https://en.sputniknews.africa/docs/terms_of_use.html. The User undertakes to regularly check the Policy for updates and/or additions.
6. The Policy is compiled in Russian and can be translated into other languages. In case of any discrepancy with the version in another language, the Russian version shall prevail.
7. Using Content in violation of any of the provisions hereof shall be viewed as an infringement of the Media Group’s and/or Third Party rights and shall give rise to criminal, civil and other kinds of liability as per the applicable laws.
8. Any questions regarding press releases and advertising on the Resources shall be sent to sales@ria.ru
"The Policy is compiled in Russian and can be translated into other languages. Translation is provided for the convenience of Users only, and the Russian version of the Policy shall prevail."