Hungary's National Interest to Continue Cooperation With Russian Nuclear Industry, Hungarian FM Says

CC BY 2.0 / lee vickers / Nuclear power plant
Nuclear power plant - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 25.03.2024
SIRIUS, Russia (Sputnik) - On March 25-26, Russia's Sirius region on the Black Sea coast is hosting the 2024 Atomexpo International Forum, which brought together senior officials from about 75 countries.
Hungary's national interest is to continue cooperation with the Russian nuclear industry, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters at the 2024 Atomexpo International Forum in Russia's Sirius Federal Territory on the Black Sea coast.
Hungary is satisfied with the cooperation on the Paks-2 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) with Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom and does not need new contractors, the minister added.
In the face of rising electricity prices and concerns over energy security, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto emphasized the country's commitment to ensuring a stable energy supply.
Szijjarto reiterated Hungary's commitment to practical energy considerations.

"We do believe that energy supply has nothing to do with ideology, but with physical reality," he told Sputnik.

He highlighted Hungary's reliance on reliable partners, including Russia, who have consistently met contractual obligations. Szijjarto expressed confidence in the safety of Hungary's energy supply, citing the presence of established sources, transit routes, and customers.
He also asserted Hungary's unwavering representation of its national interests, particularly in debates surrounding sanctions policies. While acknowledging the minority status of Hungary's stance on sanctions within Europe, Szijjarto expressed hope for evolving perspectives over time.
Hungary will never send troops or weapons to Ukraine, and this is Budapest’s official position, Szijjarto told reporters. He also said that the European Union is currently not discussing new sanctions against Russia.