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Libya Allocated Over $400 Million For Renovation of Municipalities Damaged by Floods

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Libye - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 13.09.2023
Severe floods in eastern Libya led to thousands of people missing, an official of International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said, adding the death toll is "huge." In addition, about 25% of Libya's eastern city of Derna has been destroyed as a result of the natural disaster, according to the country's official.
About $446.4 million were allocated for the reconstruction of the Libyan northwestern cities Benghazi and Derna, which were destroyed by the floods, the head of Libya’s Tripoli-based unity government Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh revealed.

"Two billion Libyan dinars [$446.4 million] were allocated for the reconstruction of the affected municipalities that were destroyed by the floods," he said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Moreover, Dbeibeh instructed "the Transportation Projects Implementation Agency to contract with specialized international companies to reconstruct concrete culverts and maintain a number of bridges in the affected areas in the east of the country."
The head of the roads and bridges department in the Tripoli-based government, Al-Hussein Sweidan told media that rebuilding of the damaged infrastructure in Derna will cost around $67 million, media said.
"The network of roads and bridges in Derna has totally collapsed," he added.
Earlier, according to the media, local authorities has sent a plane with 14 tonnes of medical supplies, body bags and more than 80 doctors and paramedics to the disaster zones.
Streets flooded after storm Danielle in Marjah, Libya - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 12.09.2023
Photos: Aftermath of Devastating Flooding in Libya
On Tuesday, the head of IFRC delegation in Libya Tamer Ramadan said during the United Nations press briefing that the number of missing people has risen to 10,000 after devastating floods.
As for the death toll, earlier, Prime Minister of the country's east-based government Oussama Hamad has reported "more than 2,000 dead and thousands missing" in the city of Derna alone.
Commenting on the figures, Ramadan noted that "it's very likely that the number declared (by the eastern official) could be close to the correct one," though adding that the team is still doing the assessment.
Speaking about material damage, Minister of Civil Aviation of the east-based government Hichem Chkiouat revealed that about a quarter of the city of Derna was destroyed by floods.