- Sputnik Africa, 1920
Second Russia–Africa Summit
The Second Summit Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum will take place in St. Petersburg from July 27-28.The First Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum was held in the Russian resort city of Sochi in October 2019.

US Tried to Talk African Leaders Out of Attending Russia-Africa Summit, Moscow Says

© AP Photo / Valery SharifulinRussian President Vladimir Putin, center, poses for a photo with leaders of African countries at the Russia-Africa summit in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, poses for a photo with leaders of African countries at the Russia-Africa summit in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019.  - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 26.05.2023
Saint Petersburg, Russia will host the second Russia-Africa Summit from July 26 to 29. The summit will provide an opportunity to diversify the scope and nature of collaborations between the two sides across various domains, including politics, economics, education, and science.
The United States tried to talk African leaders out of attending the Russia-Africa summit scheduled to take place in Saint Petersburg in July, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said on Thursday.
"Those with whom we talked said that 'but when we were going to visit you, representatives of the United States and some other Western countries told us not to do this, not to go not only to this meeting, but also not to go to the Russia-Africa summit," Patrushev told a briefing.
Patrushev said that he held 42 meetings with colleagues from different countries, especially from Africa, during the last international security meeting under the auspices of the Russian Security Council.
According to Patrushev, African countries expressed hope that Russia will help them get back on their feet so that they are not dependent on the West.
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"They [African countries] feel the need to be helped in matters of defense, security, independence, to protect them from the color revolutions that are taking place all over the world," the Secretary said. "And, of course, to provide assistance in socio-economic development."
In addition, the official also stated that politically motivated restrictions on food supplies are a tool of neocolonialism. He emphasized that in order to eliminate hunger in countries in need, it is necessary to abandon all restrictions and sanctions on international food supplies.
Patrushev outlined that while many countries face a problem with food shortages, in several European countries, there is an overproduction of agricultural products.
"Overproduction of agricultural products is noted in a number of European countries." "At the same time, many countries suffer from food shortages. Transnational corporations dominating the global agri-food markets have a negative impact on the current situation," Patrushev said.
It was also said that "without any politicization, food should be sent primarily to states suffering from food shortages," Patrushev noted.
"[During the meeting] it was emphasized that food security is one of the key factors in preserving the sovereignty of states, and politically motivated restrictions in this area are nothing but a tool of neocolonialism," he concluded.
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Moreover, Nikolay Patrushev held meetings with representatives in charge of security issues from Libya, Uganda, the Central African Republic and other African countries.
In particular, as reported in the press service of the Russian Security Council on Thursday, "Patrushev discussed the issues of the Libyan settlement with the national security adviser of the Government of National Unity of Libya Ibrahim Bushnaf."
He also touched upon the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) in an interview with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Security of the CAR Michel-Nicaise Nassen.
The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia held the meetings on the sidelines of the XI International conference of high representatives in charge of security issues. In total, Patrushev held 42 bilateral meetings and five negotiations in multilateral formats within its framework.