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Russia, BRICS Provide 'Great Support' for Emancipation of African Countries, Historian Says

© Sputnik . Mikhail MetselDenis Sassou NGuesso
Denis Sassou NGuesso - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 27.06.2024
The president of the Republic of Congo is currently on an official visit to Russia. The meeting of the two leaders took place on Thursday in the Kremlin. During the official part of the meeting, Denis Sassou Nguesso thanked Russia for its support in the fight against colonialism in the last century and in the present.
Russia and the BRICS provide "great support" to the "emancipation desire" of African countries, a French Pan-Africanist historian of Beninese origin, Amzat Boukari-Yabara, told Sputnik Africa.
Talking about Russia's contribution to the struggle of African nations against the colonial world order, Boukari-Yabara expressed his agreement with Congolese leader Sassou Nguesso's gratitude to Russia, thanking Moscow for its help in the fight against neocolonialism.
According to him, African countries need to "find other geopolitical spaces in which they can assert their interests, in which they can also develop their diplomatic line and have a say in the context of major international issues."
And this is what the partnership with Moscow and the BRICS brings to Africa, the expert asserted.
As President Sassou Nguesso pointed out, Russia is acting "courageously" by resisting illegal sanctions. Boukari-Yabara said that by voicing its opinion on the sanctions against Russia, Congo is also reaffirming to the world—and to itself—that it is a political entity capable of engaging in discourse on the issues of international relations, apart from the former French colonial power.