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Anglo-Saxons Have Long Practiced Attacking Civilians: Expert on Sevastopol Attack

© Sputnik . Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / Go to the mediabankDay of mourning for victims of Kiev missile attack in Sevastopol
Day of mourning for victims of Kiev missile attack in Sevastopol - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 26.06.2024
The US-made ATACMS missile strike with cluster warheads on a beach in Crimea is not the first such attack; in 2014, 13 people, including three children, died in the town of Zugres, Donetsk People's Republic, in a similar attack by Kiev regime forces.
Attacking civilians is a practice "assumed by the Anglo-Saxons for a very long time," French war reporter Laurent Brayard told Sputnik Africa about the recent Sevastopol beach attack.

"Many times these bombings of areas where there was absolutely nothing military, neither soldiers, nor tanks, nor trenches, nor anything," he said.

He added that he saw this with his own eyes.
"You just have to go to Donetsk to see, for example, the Alley of the Angels with all its children who were murdered," said the journalist, referring to the memorial installed in memory of those killed by air strikes from the Ukrainian army.
Brayard recalled the bombings of Donetsk, Lugansk, and other cities in Donbass, as well as those of the First and Second World Wars.
"The German zeppelins, heavy guns, then the Germans in Guernica in Spain, then Warsaw, Rotterdam, and London. And then the American and English responses on Germany, then the American atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We can cite endlessly," he noted.
The journalist further asserted that it is the West that is behind all the attacks on the list.

"Let's remember that they [Ukraine] are armed by the West. It's not even a secret; they bragged about it; they made their military information available to the Ukrainians. We know it well: satellites are important resources, etc., etc. So these means are known; the Westerners have made them available, and the Ukrainians obviously often use them improperly," Brayard underlined.

Moreover, the Europeans have "opened Pandora's box" by planning to use frozen Russian assets to finance their military aid to Ukraine, the expert noted.
"This will show non-aligned countries that Westerners are not reliable because it’s still theft. It’s a bad sign, and it will sooner or later turn against them," he explained.
These funds, approximately 1.4 billion euros in profits, will "obviously be used to continue financing the war in Ukraine," noted the journalist, adding that the organization that will manage these funds is called the European Peace Facility.
Therefore, Ukraine is the "straw that breaks the camel's back," a French war reporter said.
With Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto having previously stated that "war hysteria continues in the EU, ignoring the will of its citizens," the question of democracy in Europe is more relevant than ever, Laurent Brayard explained.
"The European Commission, which is the head of the EU, is not democratically elected. The European Parliament can only submit proposals to it. We don’t really know who appoints the members of this commission. Ultimately, the masters are in Washington. We are not in a democracy," he asserted.
In Germany, Chancellor Scholz recently admitted that the ruling coalition was losing popularity amid support for Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions. However, he insisted that the country's policies would not change, according to ARD.
The right-wing party defeated the presidential party in France in the European elections at the beginning of June, which was also a setback for the party of war in European politics.