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'Behind Refugee, There's Person With Skills, Hope, Dreams,' Refugee Advocate Says

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Refugees - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 21.06.2024
On Thursday, the world celebrated World Refugee Day, the international day to honor people who have been forced to flee their homes.
A refugee is "a label, but behind a refugee, there's a person with skills, with hope, with dreams," Andhira Yousif Kara, Refugee advocate and Researcher with Ashden charity organization, told Sputnik Africa.
She is a refugee from Sudan who now lives in Kenya and works with national and international organizations to improve the rights of migrants and displaced people.
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According to her, one of the most significant challenges faced by refugees is integration.
"I think the biggest challenge has been the whole integration concept. What is integration? Integration is one of the solutions to actual refugee solutions, but for every state to actually have it as a solution, it means that total integration means that refugees are able to have some rights or to have rights as equal as citizens of the host community," she noted.
Different countries have come up with different solutions to solve some issues related to this problem, she said.

"Uganda has an open policy to be able to ensure that there's somehow integration when it comes to refugee policy with Kenya right now, adapting the Sharia plan and also a new act of refugee management, moving away from encampments to somehow settlements that refugees are going to be integrated somehow within and contribute to the economy of the host countries," the refugee advocate explained.