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Burkinabe Army, Trained by Russian Instructors, to Defend Country Itself: Local Media Chief Editor

© AP Photo / Sophie GarciaBurkinabe soldiers
Burkinabe soldiers - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 06.06.2024
On Wednesday, during his visit to Burkina Faso, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov disclosed that his country plans to increase the number of Russian military instructions in the West African country.
Russian instructors will come to "strengthen the capacities of Burkinabe soldiers who will have to defend Burkina Faso themselves, " Editor-in-Chief of Actuel Média Burkina, Sylvestre Ilboudo, told Sputnik Africa.
"Burkina has customs, warriors and soldiers who know what they're doing, even if they sometimes lack certain skills. That's what these instructors will do," he said.
Sergey Lavrov visits Guinea - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 04.06.2024
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As for the arms, a lot has changed with Russia since the 2023 Russia-Africa summit, he added.
"[Russian President] Vladimir Putin understood that the President [of Burkina Faso Ibrahim Traore] was sincere in his commitment, which is why he made it easier for him to acquire weapons to fight the evil that has been eating away at Burkina Faso for more than 10 years," Ilboudo said.
Lavrov visited Burkina Faso on Wednesday, which became the third African country he visited during his African tour, after the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of the Congo.
At a press conference with his Burkinabé counterpart, Karamoko Jean-Marie Traoré, the Russian top diplomat said that Russia and Burkina Faso are forging a strong partnership in various sectors such as the military, economy, healthcare, and more.