Putin Says Russia's Tech Development Ideas to Be Discussed Within BRICS

© AP Photo / Vyacheslav ProkofyevRussian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin  - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 22.05.2024
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian autonomous non-profit organization Agency for Strategic Initiatives was established by the country's government to implement various initiatives in the economic and social realms. This includes promoting priority projects, enhancing the business environment in Russia, developing professional talent, and so on.
The proposals for technological and industrial development submitted by Russia's Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) will be discussed among BRICS partners as part of the preparations for the bloc's summit in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.
"Many of our domestic companies are already leading in a number of directions and ready to form technological and industrial chains. This year, as you know, Russia is presiding over BRICS, and we will certainly discuss the agency's proposals on these topics in the BRICS format," Putin said at a meeting of the ASI Supervisory Board.
"We will communicate with our colleagues via various channels, and these topics can always be discussed in one format or another," he said.
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During the meeting, the Russian president also urged the ASI to be more active in strengthening international partnerships and promoting Russian-made products abroad.
"Over all, I ask the ASI to more actively strengthen international partnerships and participate in promoting our best practices, brands and projects globally. The more effective we are, the harder it will be for our ill-wishers to put any restrictions on us. On the contrary, if effective solutions are proposed, they will be in demand, no matter the restrictions," Putin said.
The market will put everything in its place, but to win the market, products need to be competitive, the president added.