Egyptian President El-Sisi Inaugurates Cairo's Historic Sayyidah Zainab Mosque After Renovations

© Photo X / @walid16889Historic Sayyidah Zainab Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
Historic Sayyidah Zainab Mosque in Cairo, Egypt - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 12.05.2024
Since its construction in 704, the mosque has undergone many expansions and renovations, especially during the rule of Egypt's Muhammad Ali dynasty from the 19th to the mid-20th century.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Sunday inaugurated Cairo's historic Sayyidah Zainab Mosque, which dates back to the early 8th century, after renovations.
The Sayyidah Zainab Mosque is located in the heart of Old Cairo, on an area of about 15,000 square meters in the Sayyidah Zainab neighborhood, which derives its name from the presence of the mosque.
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The historic mosque can accommodate about 5,000 people.
The mosque is one of the most important Islamic monuments in the heart of the Egyptian capital, where an annual celebration of the birth of Sayyida Zeinab, the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad, is held, most recently in February.