Israel-Palestine Escalation
Israel was hit by an unprecedented rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on October 7, with Hamas movement's troops infiltrating border areas. On October 8, the Israeli government announced that it had invoked Article 40 of the Basic Law, which means the country was officially in a state of war.

Turkish Ministry of Trade Confirms Trade Relations With Israel Fully Suspended

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 - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 03.05.2024
ISTANBUL (Sputnik) - Turkey has fully suspended trading with Israel, and the decision will be in force until uninterrupted delivery of aid to the Gaza Strip is ensured, the Ministry of Trade confirmed on Thursday.
Earlier in the day, media reported that Turkey halted all imports and exports to and from Israel as of Thursday. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz then accused Ankara of breaking trade agreements and said that Israel would seek alternatives by focusing on imports from other countries.
The ministry recalled that Turkey has already restricted export of 54 different items of goods, including aviation fuel and motor oil, to Israel, but the "aggression" in the Gaza Strip is still ongoing.

“Considering this fact, a second phase of measures has been taken at the state level — export and import transactions related to Israel have been halted, the measures apply to all items," the ministry said, adding that the decision will be in force until Israel ensures uninterrupted and sufficient supplies of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.