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Alliance of Sahel States Defines Strategic Axes for Energy Autonomy

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Globe and Western Africa - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 23.02.2024
The member countries organized an exchange workshop of various electricity companies, which ended its work on Thursday.
Electricity companies of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) countries have defined two axes to guarantee access to reliable and affordable electricity in the region, AES info reports. The first axis aims to enhance endogenous resources.
This provides for:
the mobilization of production sources at a lower cost;
the strengthening and optimization of internal production capacities.
The companies involved have agreed on the following objectives:
strengthening exchanges between the AES states and neighboring countries;
studying the evaluation of hydroelectric potential;
studying the pre-feasibility for a joint nuclear power plant;
developing high-power wind power plants;
building factories for the production of electrical equipment.
Burkina Faso Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs Colonel Major Kassoum Coulibaly (C) smile the meeting of the Ministers of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), in Ouagadougou, on February 15, 2024 while sitting with Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Government Spokesman of Mali (2nd L) and General Salifou Mody, Minister of State, Minister of National Defense of Niger.  - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 16.02.2024
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Energy objectives by 2034:
building and commissioning a 600 MW coal-fired power plant in Niger's Salkadamna (around 2028);
implementing hydroelectric power plant projects (2030);
building a nuclear power plant and wind power plants (2034).
In the long term (20 years), it is planned to build a pipeline connecting Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali.