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Arrival of Russian Grain to African Countries Proves Moscow as a 'Reliable Partner,' Activist Says

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Outlines of the African continent - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 20.12.2023
On Tuesday, the Russian embassy in Burkina Faso reported that a ship carrying a free batch of Russian grain for the Sahelian country had arrived at a transit point in West Africa. Earlier, another ship carrying free Russian wheat for the Central African Republic arrived at the Cameroonian port of Douala.
The grain, promised by Russia to specific African countries, like Burkina Faso and the Central African Republic (CAR), has reached the continent, affirming Moscow's reliablility as a partner, Na-Allah Harouna, head of the Revolutionary Front for the Sovereignty of Africa, told Sputnik Africa.
Harouna noted that these Russian grain deliveries will strengthen relations between Russia and the CAR, which has become an object of imperialist interest today, with the West trying "to bring to their knees fraternal African countries that seek decent cooperation with Russia."
"It is very important that Russia has agreed to help African countries achieve food security. Grain supplies are a reaction to the legitimate aspirations of people, which helps us solve social problems," Harouna added.
Wheat - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 19.12.2023
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Russian Grain for Burkina Faso Arrived at Transit Point in West Africa: Embassy to Sputnik Africa
According to the activist, Russian President Vladimir Putin "fulfills his promises in a timely manner and demonstrates the greatness of a leader who knows what he is doing."
In July, Putin announced his country's readiness to deliver grain as humanitarian aid to six African countries listed by the World Food Program.
A ship carrying 25,000 tonnes of humanitarian wheat from Russia had previously arrived in Somalia in early December.
On November 17, Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev disclosed that Russia would send up to 200,000 tonnes of Russian wheat free of charge by year-end.