US Congressman Says Washington Helped Overturn Ukraine Government in 2014, Criticizes US Aid to Kiev

CC BY 4.0 / Jessica Rodriguez Rivas / US Congress
US Congress - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 06.12.2023
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Western countries have been providing military and economic aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian special operation, with the US being the main donor. Russia has repeatedly stated that this will only escalate and prolong the Ukrainian conflict.
The United States helped to overthrow the Ukraine's elected government in 2014 to saber rattle against Russia, US Republican Congressman Thomas Massie said.
"In 2014, we helped to overthrow their elected government, and we were saber rattling against Russia," Massie told the US political commentator and writer, Tucker Carlson on Tuesday. "I said these sanctions and this saber rattling and these resolutions, they are going to have consequences and they had consequences."
But nobody in Washington would admit this looking at their voting record even though they know it, he added.
Massie is one of the few Congressmen who are not only against sending more money to Ukraine, but he also opposes funding Israel. Massie believes that the United States should first repair its own infrastructure before sending money elsewhere.
The congressman has also developed a small electronic chip, which he is wearing on his blazer, while it shows on a small display real time data about the US Debt.
A Ukrainian serviceman is at work to receive the delivery of FGM-148 Javelins, American man-portable anti-tank missile provided by US to Ukraine as part of a military support, at Kiev's airport Borispol on February 11, 2022. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 18.11.2023
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
Will Washington Ever Fund Ukraine Again?
Massie added that the United States will be asked to fund the reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure after also paying for the arms that helped destroy it.
"We’ve spent twice as much in Ukraine as we do on all of our roads and bridges federally in the United States," Massie said on Tuesday. "That is money that could have gone to double our infrastructure, yet we’re blowing up infrastructure that we’re going to end up — I hate this, but — they’re going to tell us that we have to rebuild it when this is all over with."
Lawmakers tend to support aid to Ukraine because the spending is "laundered" back to the US military industrial complex, Massie said. In turn, the funds can end up enriching lawmakers who hold stock in defense companies, Massie said.
Lawmakers have to be "economically illiterate and morally deficient" to vote for Ukraine aid, Massie added.
On Wednesday, the US Congress plans to hold the vote on supplemental Ukraine funding. In early November, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said that the US has "gone through about 96% of what's left and greater than 90% of security assistance replenishment funds" allocated for Ukraine.
Recently, the US and European officials were questioning Ukraine's ability to break what they call a "stalemate" on the battlefield, and they were urging Ukraine to resort to peaceful negotiations, NBC News reported.
Moscow has repeatedly warned that NATO countries are "playing with fire" by supplying arms to Ukraine and only prolonging the conflict in the country. Russia has also repeatedly stated that it is ready for peace talks regarding the Ukraine conflict, but it is Kiev that is unwilling to participate in the poterntial negotiations.
In late November, the head of the presidential faction of Ukraine’s ruling Servant of the People party, David Arakhamia said that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked Kiev out of signing an agreement with Russia to end the conflict in spring 2022.