Algeria Sends Aid to Earthquake-Hit Morocco Despite Tensions Between Countries: Reports

© AP Photo / Mosa'ab ElshamyResidents flee their homes after the earthquake, Morocco
Residents flee their homes after the earthquake, Morocco - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 12.09.2023
ALGIERS (Sputnik) - On Friday, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco 77 kilometers (48 miles) southwest of the city of Marrakesh with a population of 839,000 people. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers, and was followed by at least four aftershocks of up to 4.8-magnitude.
Algeria has decided to send humanitarian aid, as well as civil defense personnel, to neighboring Morocco to assist in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that hit the country last week, despite tense relations between the two countries, Algerian media reported on Monday.
After the Moroccan Justice Minister announced the decision to accept help from Algeria, the authorities of this country ordered three planes to be prepared to help the Moroccans, the local broadcaster reported, adding that two of these planes would deliver medicines, tents and food, while the third plane was expected to transport civil defense personnel to combat the consequences of natural disaster.
A resident navigates through the rubble following a 6.8-magnitude quake in Marrakesh on September 9, 2023 - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 10.09.2023
African Leaders Express Condolences to Morocco Following Deadly Earthquake
The media reported on Monday that the death toll from the earthquake reached 2,862 people, while over 2,562 others received injuries.
On Saturday, Algeria decided to open its airspace to flights delivering humanitarian aid to Morocco.
In August 2021, the Algerian Foreign Ministry announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Morocco, accusing the neighboring state of a "hostile attitude" towards Algeria.