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'Major Milestone': Rwanda Launches Domestic 4G Network

© Photo Twitter / @GiselePhannyRwanda's MTN launches its own 4G network
Rwanda's MTN launches its own 4G network - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 26.07.2023
Rwanda keeps hitting a giant leap in digital development, with the country's telecommunications company this month launching its own 4G network which will cost users the price of 3G.
MTN Rwanda, the largest telecommunications company in the East African country, launched its own 4G LTE network this week, the company said in a statement.
According to Mapula Bodibe, MTN's CEO, the innovation offers "faster, affordable, and more reliable connectivity" to individuals, communities, and businesses across the country. Bodibe also called the development "a major milestone for all Rwandans."
The company thanked the government for creating favorable conditions for the advance.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the government of Rwanda for providing such a conducive operating environment," Bodibe pointed out, adding that this allows the company "provide the customers with products and services" to drive digital inclusion.

MTN Rwanda has deployed the new 4G technology in 80% of its facilities, making the company the largest and most extensive provider of 4G technology in the country, the corporation noted.
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Apart from launching the network, the company said it intends to invest over 26 billion Rwandan francs ($22.1 million) to upgrade its network infrastructure.

The 4G innovation by MTN follows a similar launch by their competitors Airtel Rwanda.

This came after the government's lifting of the monopoly on 4G networks long held by Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks.
Earlier, Swedish telecommunications company Eriksson conducted a study which revealed that mobile data traffic in sub-Saharan Africa will climb from 1.7 exabytes in 2022 to 11.4 exabytes in 2028, representing an average annual growth of 37%.