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As the multipolar world steadily gains ground, Africa's role in it is growing side by side. Welcome to AfroVerdict where you hear the voices of Africa’s youth, experts and prominent figures expressing their take on issues from around the world and on the continent.

Afro/AsiaVerdict? Journos From Asia Take the Floor

Afro/AsiaVerdict? Journos From Asia Take the Floor
During their trip to Moscow, a group of young journalists from a range of Asian countries joined AfroVerdict's host, Viktor Anokhin, to discuss issues relevant to their countries and people.
AfroVerdict features journalists from Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Together, they discussed their personal experiences in Russia's capital while expressing themselves on relevant issues in their countries.

Unpacking BRICS Civil Forum

The latter section of the podcast includes interviews with key speakers from the BRICS Civil Forum held on July 3-4 in Moscow.

"I'd love for BRICS to be an ideal for global platforms, other global platforms like the G20, like the UN. We have the UN summit of the future coming up now, and I think BRICS countries can really demonstrate how united they can really make decisions that chart our future governance landscape," Pamla Gopaul, Head of Economic Analysis and Foresight, African Union Development Agency, says.

Margret Molefe, Executive Deputy Chairperson, South African BRICS Youth Association, shared her opinion on the important role youth play in fostering relations between BRICS countries.
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