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Reclaiming Africa's Linguistic Heritage: Rise of Swahili

Reclaiming Africa's Linguistic Heritage: Rise of Swahili
Swahili, spoken by millions across East Africa, is a key driver of regional unity and cultural identity. Its importance spans education, media, and international diplomacy, with the language being a vital tool for communication and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world.
The establishment of an international day dedicated to a specific language is widely recognized as an indicator of the language's global reach and importance, Ustinia Zlatoverkhovnikova, an intern researcher at the Centre for African Studies, Institute of International Studies at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], tells Global South Pole.
Zlatoverkhovnikova further explains that International Swahili Day is celebrated annually because it plays a crucial role in redefining African identity on the global stage.

“I think it's quite common knowledge that the introduction of the international day of the particular language shows that it is spoken widely all over the world, and the international community officially recognizes its significance, not only for a particular region but globally. And I guess it's an important step for spreading international use of Swahili, giving African countries the opportunity to communicate in their language rather than in post-colonial variants,” the researcher explains.

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