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Niger Revokes Uranium Mining License From Canadian Company

CC BY 2.0 / Nuclear Regulatory Commission / Yellow Cake UraniumA photo of yellow cake uranium, a solid form of uranium oxide produced from uranium ore
A photo of yellow cake uranium, a solid form of uranium oxide produced from uranium ore - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 05.07.2024
According to the World Nuclear Association, Niger produced 4% of the world's mined uranium in 2022. The West African country is also the world's seventh-largest uranium producer. This radioactive metal is the most commonly used fuel for nuclear energy. It's also used in cancer treatment, naval propulsion, and nuclear weapons.
The Nigerien authorities have revoked the permit of Canadian company GoviEx to operate a major uranium deposit in the northern part of the country, the company announced in a statement.

"'GoviEx' has been informed by the Government of the Republic of Niger, by way of a letter from the Minister of Mines, that it no longer has rights over the perimeter of the Madaouela mining permit, which is now in the public domain," the statement read.

The company stated that it reserves "the right to challenge the decision to withdraw the mining rights before the competent national or international jurisdictions."
Previously, Niger canceled the license of Imouraren SA, a subsidiary of the French company Orano, to operate the northern Imouraren uranium deposit, which holds an estimated 200,000 tonnes of uranium.
The military government in power in Niamey since July 2023 has repeatedly announced its intention to review the mining concessions granted to foreign companies in order to gain greater benefits from the country's underground riches.