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Voice of Games: How Sports Journalists Influence Sports Culture

Voice of Games: How Sports Journalists Influence Sports Culture
Sports journalism plays a crucial role in highlighting the power of sport to unite communities, inspire individuals, and drive social change. Covering events from local to international competitions, they capture the triumphs and struggles of athletes, providing a narrative that transcends the game itself to reflect broader societal issues.
The value of a sport depends on the promotion and visibility it gets from media coverage, Carol Radull, host of the sports show Radull Live, who has also worked as a sports journalist for the Radio Africa Group for 21 years, tells Global South Pole.

“If the journalists decide we're not covering a game, nobody will even know it's happened. If we don't portray our game in a good light, nobody will ever come and watch it. If we don't give exposure to leagues, the corporates will not put their money behind the league. So the role of a journalist is very important in bringing visibility to athletes, to the different sports and leagues, and to let the fans know what's happening when it's happening,” Radull stresses.

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