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Youth Participation Crucial in Building Bright Future: Сhair of South African BRICS Youth Assn.

© Photo SERGEY SHINOVThe X BRICS Civil Forum
The X BRICS Civil Forum - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 03.07.2024
The X BRICS Civil Forum is held on July 3–4 in Moscow, tackling civil society topics: development goals, education, human and economic growth, tech ethics, public health, environment, energy transition, and social justice. The forum will provide civil society proposals to BRICS leaders.
The active role of young people is essential for creating a promising future, Margret Molefe, Executive Deputy Chairperson, South African BRICS Youth Association, told Sputnik Africa.

“[Older generations] can't make plans without young people, and we need to be part of the policy processes. We need to be part of the consultations so that we build this future together,” she said at the BRICS Civil Forum.

She also argued that BRICS is highly strategic, both economically and politically, as it represents countries from the Global South, which collectively account for approximately 40% of the world's population.

“And we get to foster relations in different areas of collaboration in science and education. And one of the things that I'm also looking at is, in terms of education, what other countries are doing that I can take back home and champion so that we can try to better develop our education system and improve it as well,” she added.