Sub-Saharan Africa
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Russia, China to Boost Africa's Economic Growth, Renowned US Investor Says

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An American investor and financial commentator, James Rogers is the chairman of Beeland Interests, Inc. He is currently based in Singapore.
The increasing global interest in Africa, particularly from China and Russia, will boost economic growth on the continent, renowned US investor Jim Rogers told Sputnik.
"Many countries are starting to invest in Africa, to trade with Africa," Rogers said.
The investor emphasized the significance of Chinese investors’ presence across Africa. Rogers noted that China and Russia, as well as other nations, have intensified efforts to deepen their involvement in Africa.

Africa Poised to Thrive

Rogers noted that China 🇨🇳 and Russia 🇷🇺, as well as other nations, have intensified efforts to deepen their involvement in Africa. "Africa is poised to thrive because of its valuable resources and its billion-strong population," Rogers said. "Everyone wants to sell to a billion people."
The countries of the collective West have repeatedly expressed concerns about Russia’s expanding diplomatic, military, and economic ties with Africa.
In response, Russian officials have said that the history of colonialism prevents the West from seeing Africa as an independent geopolitical player.
US dollars - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 09.02.2024
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Dollar is Doomed

Among other things, Rogers noted that the US dollar will eventually be replaced as the world's reserve currency, but it is not yet clear by what.
Asked if he believes that the BRICS group of nations may eventually come up with a currency alternative to the dollar, Rogers said, "I know that somebody's going to come up with an alternative to the dollar."
"I don't know what it is, but I know the dollar is going to have problems. A hundred years ago, it was the pound sterling, and Britain went bankrupt 50 years later. Americans are going to have problems too."