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Skateboarding Values as a Life Lesson for Youth

Skateboarding Values as a Life Lesson
Though a recent addition to the Olympic Games, skateboarding has always been deemed a separate street subculture. AfroVerdict host joins a professional South African skateboarder and big-time enthusiast of the activity to talk about the development of skating in Africa and the benefits it can offer to the youth.
Since there is "no language and misunderstanding" in skateboarding, fans of the activity have a "sense of acknowledgement" when meeting other skateboarders, according to Dallas Oberholzer, a South African skateboarder.

"First, we need to acknowledge each other where we're coming from and try not to have any hardships or any collisions where everyone is at a disadvantage. So the beautiful thing on our platform is everyone acknowledges each other's worth," he says.

As for the rules, "there's no right way and wrong way to skateboard," as it is an "activity that is all inclusive."

"There [are] so many benefits of just getting together on a noncompetitive platform, which generally is what skateboarding is. It's such a creative activity that you can take anywhere and redefine it in the moment. There's really nothing in my mind as beautiful as skateboarding right now," Dallas explains.

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