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How Tourism Fosters Global Peace

How Tourism Fosters Global Peace
On the sidelines of the BRICS Tourism Forum held in Moscow on June 20, AfroVerdict host spoke to Ethiopia's Tourism Minister and the CEO of a South African Destination Management Company about the role tourism can play in improving economies, fostering bilateral relations, and improving mutual understanding between nations.
Tourism is "a vehicle for peace all over the world," according to Nasise Challi, Minister of Tourism of Ethiopia. However, "accurate" and "unbiased" information is critical to giving potential tourists an understanding of what the destination country offers in terms of attractions.

"I am a true believer that tourism fosters peace [...] We really think it is important to advocate the truth and accurate information about each other and also for others in the world to do the same because all human beings share the same aspirations," the minister says.

That said, BRICS is prominent for the cultural diversity of its member nations, which can use tourism to "bridge cultural differences and the stereotypes that come with those differences" through the platform BRICS offers.

"BRICS countries enjoy very diverse cultures, very rich cultural heritages [...] This platform, [BRICS], gives us an opportunity in working together, in bringing our people together and strengthening our bond as nations and also the people-to-people ties," she explains.

Other speakers featured in this episode include:
Mr. Goodman Nkosi, CEO of a South African Destination Management Company.
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