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SPIEF Highlights Ep. 3: International Relations Doctor, Medical Company CEO and Naledi Pandor

SPIEF Highlights Ep. 3: International Relations Doctor, Medical Company CEO and Naledi Pandor
Join AfroVerdict for the final episode dedicated to highlights from the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum 2024, which exposes the West's fear of BRICS, the pros of Russia-Africa cooperation in the medical sphere, and an exclusive interview with South Africa's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Consisting of countries from literally all corners of the globe, BRICS is a shining example of the cohesion of different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the approach BRICS takes by "accepting their [members'] richness in their history, their culture, their language" is the opposite of the West, which "has a lot to learn," according to Dr. Philani Mthembu, Executive Director at the Institute for Global Dialogue.
"Western countries, especially now, are struggling with diversity. They have been trying to basically make people from different cultures to become more like them and that is a different approach than what I think BRICS countries are trying to champion," Dr. Mthembu explains.
The expert explains that for centuries, Western countries "could appropriate other cultures, but they did not have to respect other cultures as equal to theirs."
"That approach of trying to dominate others means that in a world that is moving towards a multipolar order, you now have to adapt your thinking," Dr. Mthembu says.
Other guests featured in this episode include:
Claire Otieno, CEO of JM-Qafri Methuselah, a Kenyan medical equipment company;
Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa.
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