Russia's Deputy FM Holds Presser Following BRICS Foreign Ministers Meeting

On June 10-11, a meeting of the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries was held in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, took part.
Sputnik was live as Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sherpa of Russia in BRICS Sergey Ryabkov holds a press conference on June 19 following the meeting of BRICS foreign ministers.
According to the foreign ministry's statement, a meaningful exchange of opinions on current global issues was held during the meeting. The formation of a multipolar world order, regional crises, fending off new threats and challenges, and collaboration amongst the association's member states on multilateral forums were amongst the topics covered by the heads of foreign affairs agencies. It was discussed how BRICS might grow its strategic partnerships, by creating a new class of "partner states" for the organization.
It was mentioned how crucial it is to increase collaboration, especially in the areas of finance, economics, and transportation.
The importance of strengthening cooperation, in particular, in the financial, economic, and transport spheres was noted. The meeting also included an extended session with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries of the Global South and East. Interesting discussions took place on the state and prospects for reforming the international system in the interests of ensuring fair and equal security, sustainable development, and long-term economic growth for all states without exception.
Following the meeting, a joint statement was approved.