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Donate Blood, Save a Life

Donate Blood, Save A Life
On World Blood Donor Day, we recognize the vital role of blood donation in saving lives. In Africa, efforts to increase donor rates and ensure a safe blood supply highlight both the progress made and the challenges that remain in meeting the continent's healthcare needs.
Blood donations help keep our healthcare system running and provide life-saving blood products for medical treatments and emergencies, says Dr. Veronika Berdnikova, a senior lecturer and Head of the Medical Physiology Department at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Dodoma, Tanzania. She is also an honorary donor to the Russian Federation.
“They are transfusable components that can be derived from human blood, including whole blood, red cells, platelets, plasma, and plasma-derived medicinal products like albumin, immunoglobulins, and calculation factors,” she says.
The expert further explains that blood plays an important role in the treatment of various medical conditions.
“Blood donations help in many ways, including emergencies, surgeries, and many other medical treatments. They also help treat anemia, thalassemia, blood disorders, and other illnesses. Blood donations are also important for safe childbirth and neonatal care,” she explains.
Commenting on measures to take to improve steady blood donation, Dr. Emmanuel Obeagu, a senior lecturer in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Kampala International University, Uganda explains that there is a need for awareness campaigns.

“Africa and other developing countries need more awareness campaigns. And they should take it not just to the developed urban areas; they should take the message even to the rural areas. They should tell them the importance of donating blood and that if you donate blood, you have saved a life. And if you have saved a life, you have contributed to humanity,” he stresses.

The lecturer concluded, stating that “when you donate blood, you save life.”
“The more we donate, the more we save lives. The more lives we save, the higher the level of productivity we have in society, and the better the society will be for all of us,” he concludes.
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