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SPIEF Highlights Pt. 1: Zimbabwe's President, Energy Expert, South African Businessmen

SPIEF Highlights Pt. 1 feat. Zimbabwe's President, Energy Expert, South African Businessmen
AfroVerdict host brings you the first part of the highlights from the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, which took place on June 4-8. The conversations with high-ranking guests and renowned experts involved energy security in Africa, the effects of sanctions and countering them, as well as Africa-Russia relations and business.
During an exclusive interview with Sputnik Africa, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's head of state, confirmed the country's intention of joining BRICS.
On the topic of sanctions, Mnangagwa said that despite the aim thereof being to "stifle our economic development," the country is "doing better" in economic growth.
"We are also anxious that the Americans should not remove their sanctions so that we continue focusing and doing better," the president remarks.
Apart from targeting the economy, sanctions also hinder the movement of technology, technical skills, and know-how, according to NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

"We can learn a lot about gas monetization and building fertilizers that can power Africa. But if we are stopped from getting that, then it affects us, our own humanity, and our own development as well," Ayuk says.

Other featured guests:
Percy Morapedi Koji, Co-Founder of the Africa Economic Leadership Council;
Zamani Letjane, Group Chairman of Akani Properties.
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