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Empowering Women, Enriching Economies: Moscow Hosts First BRICS Women's Entrepreneurship Forum

Empowering Women, Enriching Economies: Moscow Hosts First BRICS Women's Entrepreneurship Forum
The BRICS Women's Entrepreneurship Forum took place in Moscow on June 2-4 bringing together over 200 participants from 35 countries. The forum provided a platform for dialogue among representatives of business, social, and government circles to foster cooperation and mutual benefit.
The BRICS offers a multitude of trading opportunities, which is why Zambia is keen to foster cooperation with the bloc, according to Kutemba Konga, Chairperson for the BRICS Women Business Alliance, country chapter, Zambia.

“We are also looking for opportunities [in BRICS]. We are trying to see how through BRICS, our women can also […] access markets and skills transfer. There are a lot of expertise in BRICS that our women can benefit from because we are still […] a developing economy,” she stresses.

Commenting on the role of BRICS in the advancement of women's role globally, Nonkululeko Mantula, Chairperson of the Communications Working Group for BRICS WBA, CEO of Global South Queens Media House in South Africa and SABC Radio Broadcaster, explains that citizens of the global South “never had a voice.”
“BRICS has been [a voice] for women, for men, for children in the Global South. We've never had economies that run on their own. All the economies have been dependent and reliant on the Western systems. […] We can see how the Western systems can hinder us, should we not play according to their tune,” she explains.
Dr. Mandas Marikanda, the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwean Women's Micro-Finance Bank, which was founded in 2018 under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, explains that the bank was established in collaboration with the UN with the objective of promoting gender equality.
The Zimbabwean official further explains that her organization can benefit from BRICS as it serves as an alternative for countries that are sanctioned and “excluded.”

“When it comes to microfinance, we know that when you work with women, you impact more lives. […] And [the] women's bank is proud to be one of the advents and the leading banks to be working with this agenda for the BRICS countries,” she emphasizes.

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