Slovakia's Fico Likely to Fully Recover From Murder Attempt by Fall, Country's Defense Minister Says

© AP Photo / Denes ErdosSlovak Prime Minister Robert Fico hospital
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico hospital - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 04.06.2024
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who survived an assassination attempt in mid-May, is likely to fully recover from his wounds by fall, Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Robert Kalinak said on Monday.
"I think we are now talking about full recovery and him [Fico] being able to work by 100%. This [Fico's full recovery] will take several weeks or months. Let's say until fall," Kalinak told the Radio Slovakia station.
Kalinak confirmed that the prime minister was able to attend to himself, adding, however, that his wounds are very painful, and therefore recovery will be difficult.
Earlier in the day, Kalinak said that Fico was undergoing rehabilitation at home following his discharge from hospital. The Slovak prime minister sustained damage to his digestive tract and musculoskeletal system, he recalled.
Fico, the 59-year-old politician who took office in October, was left fighting for his life after a man shot him multiple times at close range as he greeted supporters following an off-site cabinet meeting in the town of Handlova on May 15. He underwent two abdominal surgeries as part of intensive medical treatment.
The gunman has been charged with premeditated attempted murder for what Slovak officials described as a "politically motivated" assassination attempt.