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SA to File Complaint Against EU Carbon Tax at WTO

SA to File Complaint Against EU Carbon Tax at WTO
While the world tries to find a balance between economic growth and nature conservation, South Africa intends to challenge the EU's carbon levy on imported goods. CEO of a pollution eradication startup joins AfroVerdict to analyse the impact of the EU's levy on the economies of developing countries.
The carbon levy "is not fair", as some African countries "do not have the finances yet to be able to power maybe its homes, its production lines, its manufacturing process with renewable energy", according to Mr. Naphtaly Obed, CEO of Climrenew.
"If you look at the emissions, Africa entirely is emitting less than 3% [...] If you are saying that our countries do not have what it takes to be able to exchange goods with you in terms of imports and exports, then of course you're to be blamed for polluting the environment. You should be able to pay or give us some kind of finances or finance the systems that will be able to help us produce either this energy or our entire line of manufacturing in a more acceptable way, Mr. Obed says.
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