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Sahel Shifting Alliances & US-French Satellite Surveillance

Sahel Shifting Alliances & US-French Satellite Surveillance
As Western influence in the Sahel declines, a new era of surveillance has begun. The US National Reconnaissance Office and French observation satellites are reportedly monitoring Niger's uranium mines, a move seen as an effort to maintain control over the region's strategic resources.
Western countries see Africa as a source of resources and raw materials, so they are not particularly interested in the continent's stability and development, Vsevolod Sviridov, an expert from the Center for African Studies at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, tells Global South Pole.

"When the government is strong, when it controls its institutions, when it has strong regulators and strong agencies that control the actions of foreign investors, they try to take control over the activities of European business. And this means that the costs of resources coming from Africa are increasing, and the final cost of products being produced to import them to Europe is increasing too, undermining the economic efficiency of the European model," he explains.

Commenting on a French media outlet's report about US and French spy satellites monitoring Niger's uranium mines, Vsevolod emphasized the importance of African nations developing their satellite capabilities.
The expert further explains that the satellite could be used for good purposes but could also be a "weapon by itself."

"If African nations have their sovereign information, have their technical capabilities to interpret it to draw conclusions from that, that would, of course, improve the situation gradually," he stresses.

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