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'United African Voice is Much Better Heard,' Expert Says

United African Voice is Much Better Heard: Expert Says
The BRICS Academic Forum, held in Moscow on May 22-24, brought together experts from BRICS-plus nations to discuss pressing issues of global governance, international security, and economic cooperation. The Forum's policy recommendations will be presented at the upcoming BRICS Heads' Summit in Kazan.
The most effective way to promote growth in Africa is to direct investment to the continent, according to Dr. Jin Xin, Secretary General of the China Council for BRICS Think-Tank Cooperation (CCBTC).
The Chinese official further explains that last year, during the chairmanship of South Africa, a BRICS-plus Africa forum was held to bring BRICS' capabilities to the continent. At the meeting, China proposed assisting Africa with industrialization, agricultural modernization, and capacity building.

"We can discuss within our framework what kind of fields we can invest in and what kind of fields have the most profitable and most promising future. That is one thing we need to think about," he explains.

Likewise, the following experts are featured in this episode:
Professor Sergey Karaganov, the scientific director of the faculty of World Economy and International Politics at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow.
Mr. Abin Mwinga, the first secretary of education at the Zambian Embassy in Moscow
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