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Sabotaging Security: How US Law Undermines Nigeria's Counterterrorism

Sabotaging Security: How US Law Undermines Nigeria's Counterterrorism
Nigerian Foreign Minister Yusuf Tuggar has called for a re-evaluation of the US Leahy Law, which prohibits the sale of certain kinetic equipment to Nigeria over alleged human rights violations. He denies reports of widespread abuses related to military equipment and argues that the law hinders Nigeria's security efforts.
Commenting on the call made by the Nigerian top diplomat regarding US military equipment supplies, Istifanus Zabadi, a Professor of International Relations at Bingham University in Nasarawa, Nigeria, says that security is a top priority for the West African state.
The expert further explains that the country will pursue all measures necessary to maintain its security, and if it weakens relations with the US, "then so be it." Nigeria's interests come first.

"Nigeria has no business hankering and waiting upon the US. Nigeria needs to take this as an opportunity, and other countries have done this. This country [can] emerge as a country of its own that can supply from within […] most of those equipments, and there are more friendly countries around the world that can assist," he explains.

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