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Africa Day: Celebrating Unity and Progress

Africa Day: Celebrating Unity and Progress
Africa Day, celebrated annually on May 25, marks the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963, now known as the African Union. This day is a vibrant celebration of Africa's rich cultural diversity, historical achievements, and ongoing efforts towards unity and development.
The creation of the Organization of African Unity, presently known as the African Union, was as a collective team work by the African people to struggle for independence, according to Osita Agbu, a Professor of International Relations at the department of international relations and diplomacy at the Baze University in Abuja.

"This was an environment in which many peoples of Africa - I didn't say countries I said peoples, - many peoples of Africa were subjected to colonialism, discrimination, exploitation etc. And so many of these peoples had to struggle for political independence, for economic independence, as the case may be," he says.

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