Former Russian Military Commander Arrested on Charges of Large-Scale Fraud But Pleads Not Guilty

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Russian police - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 21.05.2024
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Major General Ivan Popov began his service as a platoon commander in the 56th Airborne Assault Regiment. Later he commanded various units and formations. He participated in the special military operation in Ukraine, including as commander of the 58th Army.
Major General Ivan Popov, who formerly commanded the 58th army of the Russian armed forces, has been detained on allegations of large-scale fraud, the 235th garrison military court told Sputnik on Tuesday.
"By the resolution of the 235th garrison military court of May 17, a preventive measure was chosen in the form of detention of Ivan Ivanovich Popov for 2 months," a court representative said.
Popov was charged with fraud on a particularly large scale, the representative added.
The defense appealed this decision. His lawyer Sergey Buinovsky told Russian media that his client does not admit guilt to any illegal acts.