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Powering Africa: Young Inventor's Waste-to-Energy Revolution

Powering Africa: Young Inventor's Waste-to-Energy Revolution
As Africa continues its remarkable economic and population growth, the demand for reliable and sustainable sources of electricity has become paramount. On Global South Pole, host Aliyu Bello spoke with a 29-year-old Nigerian inventor who is pioneering innovative solutions by turning waste and other renewable sources into electricity.
The way we perceive things is shaped by the environment we live in and the inadequacies that exist, which motivates individuals to look for solutions, according to Emeka Nelson Ugwueze, an inventor who generates electricity using waste and other renewable sources.
The young inventor further explains that frequent power outages and his dislike of kerosene lanterns motivated him to seek for alternative methods of generating electricity.

"I started trying to work on designs, prototype […] But I think the first design I did then was only able to transform those plastic wastes into kerosene that people used to cook from then, it kept on gradually, I kept on developing the machine. Then at some point, I was able to create the one that could split whatever is in the plastic, I was able to get petrol, kerosene, diesel and paraffin from the plastic waste," he says.

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