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Partnership or Proxy Play? African Lion 2024 Explained

Partnership or Proxy Play? African Lion 2024 Explained
The US Africa Command's largest annual joint exercise, code-named African Lion 2024, began in Tunisia on May 1 and will run until May 10. The exercise will then continue through 31 May in three other host nations: Morocco, Ghana and Senegal. On Global South Pole, experts offered insights into the implications of this event.
The exercise being conducted by the US can be described as part of its "foreign policy projection in Africa" which is "a bit suspicious" because of the timing and the large number of personnel involved, according to Francis Onditi, an Associate Professor of Conflictology and Head of Department, School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Riara University, Nairobi, Kenya.

"The large number of military […] and the timing is a bit suspicious, and it also raises eyebrows whether it's just an ordinary foreign policy of the US and her allies or there is something underneath," the expert says.

Efem Ubi, an associate professor and acting director of research at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, explains why there is a growing shift in military relations between African countries and the West, and says it is due to the lack of positive results in the fight against insurgency and other security problems.
The expert went on to say that what the West is facing can be described as an "African renaissance" because Africans are dissatisfied with the current international system.

"Africans want to put in place a system of government that best suits them and not the system of government that is forced on them, so this a reaction to the dissatisfaction within the international system, reaction to the dissatisfaction with the status quo," he stresses.

Egypt Announces Decision to Join South Africa's Genocide Case Against Israel at ICJ

Commenting on Egypt's decision to join South Africa's case at the International Court of Justice against Israel, Dr. Basim Naim, Hamas' head of international relations, applauded the move, stressing that it will encourage other nations to join the case.

"It will encourage others in the Arab and Islamic countries to go in this direction, not only to go to the International Court of Justice but to the International Criminal Court and this will soon be reflected in the image of Israel internationally and on the flexibility of Israelis not to move freely around the world," Dr. Naim stresses.

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