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A Happy Ending: Russian Doctors Help Restore Face of Senegalese Albino Man

The face of a 24-year-old Khadim, an albino from Senegal, which was disfigured due to melanoma treatment, was successfully restored by the Russian doctors, his long journey towards health was told to Sputnik Africa by Khadim's father.
It took several surgical operations to fully reconstruct Khadim's face and return him the ability to breathe, swallow and speak normally. The young man underwent the first two operations in August and September last year in the Russian city of Krasnodar, the final stage of his treatment was in March.
"Russian medicine is a wonderful medicine," Khadim's father told Sputnik Africa. He thanked all Russians for their hospitality, their know-how and, above all, their humanity.
Khadim, Senegalese taken care of in Russia for a face reconstruction - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 21.04.2024
Senegalese Man With Albinism Returns to Homeland After Recovery, Thanks to Russian Doctors
More than a dozen specialists worked on Khadim's unique case, the complexity of which might have forced doctors in other countries to refuse to perform the surgeries, Alexey Dikarev, an oncologist and plastic and reconstructive surgeon, said.
The middle part of Khadim's face was restored by his own skin, while for his lower jaw, doctors chose a custom-made titanium prosthesis, which is produced by a few countries, including Russia, the specialist added.
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