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Parade on May 9: An Account of the Great Victory

An annual Victory Day Parade is held in Moscow on May 9 since 1995 to commemorate the Soviet Union's victorious victory over the Nazi forces during the war that claimed over 20 million lives.
For Russia and for the whole world, this solemn day is one of unparalleled tragedy and resounding victories. Over the four years of fierce battles within the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945), the Soviet Union's contribution to the final victory over the evil of Nazism is hard to overestimate.
The total victory in the bloodiest conflict in history culminated in the German Instrument of Surrender, signed on May 9. The immortal date that has been inscribed in Russian history and is widely celebrated with a spectacular military event.
Victory Day is still very much alive in the memory of the Russian people, stretching across borders and down through the generations.
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