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New Chapter in Putin's Leadership: What to Expect?

New Chapter in Putin's Leadership: What to Expect?
On May 7, Vladimir Putin re-assumed his role as the President of the Russian Federation. AfroVerdict host joins a Moroccan political scientist to determine how Putin's new presidential term will affect the international arena and the African continent in particular.
A multipolar world is an idea "that Russia has championed since the end of the Soviet Union", according to Mr. Abdelhak Najib, a Moroccan author and political scientist.
"During Vladimir Putin's first term in office, he insisted on the danger of a unipolar world. And what he said has proved true over time. Almost 25 years later, this is what has happened, with the implosion of this unilateral, unipolar world that has benefited part of the West to the detriment of the rest of the world, creating incredible splits, creating wars of polarization that have led the world to what we are experiencing today: wars everywhere, cultural, confessional and communitarian problems, the rise of terrorism, the rise of religious friction, the rise of xenophobia," the expert explains.
Apart from a multipolar world, Vladimir Putin emphasizes the leading role of Africa therein. That said, Mr. Najib believes Russia "can play a crucial role" to help address Africa's challenges.
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