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Beyond Borders, Beyond Pandemics: Africa & Russia Forge Health Alliance

Beyond Borders, Beyond Pandemics: Africa & Russia Forge Health Alliance
A landmark conference in Kampala, Uganda, recently brought together African and Russian health experts for the first time. This critical meeting focused on tackling infectious diseases, a persistent challenge across Africa. The conference signifies a new chapter in Africa-Russia collaboration for a healthier future.
The conference highlighted the importance of addressing the growing global health challenges, especially prevalent in Africa, according to Dr. Samuel Okware, Director General of the Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO) and chairman of the first Joint African-Russian International Conference on Combating Infectious Diseases.
The official emphasized the need for African nations to harness Russia's advanced technologies through research and technology transfer and as well enhancing surveillance capabilities and fostering collaboration between countries and regions.

"We need to build partnerships in research and in health. And also in technologies, adopt technologies, which are cheap, which are user-friendly, like the technology that Russia gave us here. They are very, very user-friendly. It's mobile, so you can run to a community with mobilities and make the diagnosis as quickly as possible," the official explained after the Russian party donatend mobile medical labs to Uganda.

Dr. Okware mentioned that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia was the first to provide African nations including Uganda with the Sputnik V vaccine, a gesture for which he expressed gratitude due to the lack of access to the medication from other sources.

"During the COVID time, we enjoyed some of those breakthroughs that Russia extended to us with the [Sputnik-V anti-COVID-19] vaccine development and vaccine acquisition," Okware says.

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