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Steering Away From Kinshasa: Kenya Airways to Halt Flights to DRC Due to Detention of Its Personnel

CC BY-SA 2.0 / ERIC SALARD / 5Y-KZH CDGA Kenya Airways plane (photo archive)
A Kenya Airways plane (photo archive) - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 30.04.2024
On April 19, military intelligence of the Democratic Republic of Congo apprehended two employees of Kenya Airways due to the alleged absence of customs papers for some "valuable cargo." The company said it declined to accept the cargo due to the shipper's insufficient paperwork.
Kenya Airways announced on Monday the suspension of flights to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, starting from Tuesday.
"The continued detention of our employees has made it difficult for us to supervise our operations in Kinshasa," Kenya's national carrier said in a statement.
This decision comes as the military authorities in Kinshasa have disregarded a court order to release the airline's detained employees.
The flights will be halted until they can be "effectively supported."
Kenya Airways stated that it is collaborating with investigating authorities and government organizations in Congo and Kenya to achieve a prompt resolution of the problem.
Prior to this, the airline said that its arrested employees are not guilty and views the incident as a kind of harassment aimed at disrupting its operations.
Kenya Airways was founded in 1977 and is Africa's "leading airline," flying to 42 destinations around the world, according to the airline's website.