Israel-Palestine Escalation
Israel was hit by an unprecedented rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on October 7, with Hamas movement's troops infiltrating border areas. On October 8, the Israeli government announced that it had invoked Article 40 of the Basic Law, which means the country was officially in a state of war.

Israel to Fight Against Hamas in Full Force After Movement Rejected Truce Plan, Government States

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Разрушенные здания в Хан-Юнисе - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 14.04.2024
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which began on October 7 last year, has claimed at least 33,686 lives in Gaza and more than 1,000 in Israel.
Israel will continue the war against the Palestinian movement Hamas in full force following the latter’s rejection of the truce plan tabled by mediators during the talks in Cairo, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.
“Israel will continue to strive to realize the objectives of the war with Hamas with full force, and leave no stone unturned to return the 133 hostages from Gaza forthwith,” the office said in a statement.
The truce plan “included the most significant flexibility on Israel’s part,” the statement read, which proves that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar “does not want a humanitarian deal.”