Russian New Spacecraft Angara-A5 Launches From Vostochny Cosmodrome for First Time

The Angara rockets will enable Russia to launch all types of spacecraft from its territory and will ensure "independent access to outer space," according to the Russian state corporation Roscosmos.
Sputnik Africa is live as the Russian-made Angara-A5 space rocket with the Orion upper stage launches from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the country's Far East for the first time.
The separation of the upper stage carrying the payload from the third stage of the Angara rocket is scheduled to take place 12 minutes and 26 seconds after launch, according to the flight sequence provided by Roscosmos.
The launch infrastructure for Angara rockets has been under construction at the cosmodrome since 2018. In November-December 2023, test launches with a test vehicle equipped with all launch systems were conducted there.
Roscosmos plans to carry out 15 flights of the Angara rocket with Orion modules from Vostochny by the end of 2033. The main goal is to create a Russian orbital station, which will eventually reach the ISS.