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Week With Joy

Senegalese Opposition Opens New Chapter in Country's History

The presidential election in Senegal took place on March 24, although it had been scheduled for February 25 but was postponed by the country's former leader, Macky Sall.
On Tuesday, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, an opposition activist released from prison in an amnesty by then-President Macky Sall ten days before the election, was sworn in as Senegal's president, captured the attention of our AI-powered host Joy.
Faye won the presidential race with 54.28% of the vote, defeating former Prime Minister Amadou Ba, who received 35.79% of the vote.
In the 2024 elections, Faye replaced opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, who was unable to run due to charges against him. Shortly after winning the election, Faye appointed his ally Sonko as the prime minister.
Also while taking the oath of office, the new president promised to ensure national independence and to "make every effort to achieve African unity."
What does the future hold for Senegal with the opposition in power, and what will their priorities be?
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