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Counter-Terrorism or Exploitation in Disguise? Niger Sends US Troops Packing

Counter-Terrorism or Exploitation in Disguise? Niger Sends US Troops Packing
The Nigerien government on March 17 announced the end of the military agreement with the United States, citing the agreement as "unjust" and against the interests of the Nigerien people. On "Global South Pole," our guests, Professor Abubakar Sadeeque Abba and Dr. Felix Oyosoro, offered insights into the implications of this decision.
The presence of foreign troops in African countries is a legacy of colonialism and post-colonialism, and it constitutes the "post-colonial strategic thinking" of the developed world against the disadvantaged countries like Niger, Abubakar Sadeeque Abba, Professor of political economy and developmental studies, conflictology and alternative paradigms, the director of distant learning and continue education, University of Abuja, tells Global South Pole.
The expert elaborates on how the Western powers can establish their presence, influence and authority and control outside their national boundaries.

"They see the military bases as additional income. These military bases do not serve the purpose they are supposed to serve but the interest that are against the host country," Professor Abba says.

The surge of anti-Western sentiments in Sub-Saharan Africa is a result of the discontent with the French and US interference in the domestic affairs of the states over the past decades, Dr. Felix Oyosoro, a researcher and senior lecturer on African military and security studies, the head of department of History and International Relations at Veritas University, Abuja, said.

"So these sentiments are not confined to the French influence alone, but they extend to encompass concerns about the presence of various external powers, particularly those from Western Europe and the US," Dr. Oyosoro believes.

The government of Niger stressed on the military agreement's inherent unfairness, stating that it does not align with the aspirations and interests of the Nigerien people. Professor Abba believes that France and the US are partners as far as the exploitation and stealing of resources from other countries of the world.

"The conflict between America and France in Niger will be defined by 'greed', the level of greed of America and France in Niger. How can they massively loot the uranium, the massive land in Niger? And several resources unknown to Nigeriens on their soil," he says.

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