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Western Attempts to Meddle in Russia's Election Only Caused Surge in Turnout

Western Attempts to Meddle in Russia's Election Only Caused Surge in Turnout
The Russian presidential election saw Vladimir Putin clinch a landslide victory with 87.28% of the votes cast and a record-breaking 77.49% turnout. Global South Pole host interacted with voters, observers from African countries and the head of Nigerian diaspora in Russia to got more insights on the process and the significance of this election.
“People voting freely, practicing democracy of choosing who they want freely. As long as they have identity [ID], as long as they have eligibility to vote, no matter where they were registered, they can go to any polling stations and vote. […] There are a lot of options, even mobile, through mobile phone, you can vote. So to me, it is a very interesting process,” Joseph Mgaya, representative of "Chama Cha Mapinduzi" party of Tanzania and international observer, told Sputnik Africa.
Among the factors that influenced the record turnout and support for the incumbent president, Dr. Godwin Ibe, Chairman of Nigerians in diaspora (NIDO) Russia chapter, named Western sanctions and attempts to interfere in Russia's domestic politics.

“These actions, external interference, motivated and inspired lots of Russians to want to exercise their voting right,” he said.

“They could have just stayed silent or stayed in the sideline. Just keep quiet or play neutral. But no, they didn't do that. They decided to come out and to vote for their preferred candidate”.
Also featured in this program:
Dr. Petros Woldegiorgis, president of Bonga University, Ethiopia;
John Musialela Likando, Namibian Member of Parliament and election observer;
Kevin Vladimirovich Johnson, US-born boxer and newly minted Russian citizen.
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